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Personal Training

One to One Personal Training

121 personal training sessions, not necessarily CrossFit related but tailored to the individual using all of the kit that we have to offer at MPG. Sessions are an hour-long and are specifically created for each, taking into account their goals and fitness levels.

These sessions are perfect for all levels of fitness, from complete beginners wanting to start their fitness journey and needing some guidance, to people who have specific goals and perhaps fitness challenges to work towards.

They are also great for time-poor people who can't make it to regular fitness classes due to other commitments and also for individuals recovering from injuries who would like some extra guidance and support. 

One to One CrossFit Sessions



One to one session where it’s just you and an experienced Coach. Here you can work on a specific skill, such as the muscle up or receive fully qualified Olympic Weightlifting coaching with the addition of video analysis where we slow the movements down and track the path of the bar in order to improve performance.

These sessions are perfect for CrossFitters who would likespecific guidance in a certain area (weightlifting / gymnastics / cardio) and also for time-poor people who can't make it to regular fitness classes due to other commitments and prefer to not train on their own in open-gym.

PT Team

Gemma Jones

Specialising in working with individuals new to fitness or returning to fitness after a break, you can find out more about how Gemma can help you here.

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Matt Gigg

Matt specialises in working in rehabilitation, helping individuals return to training after an injury. He is experienced in working with athletes and individuals who are training at elite level.

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